Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Life is a tad hectic these days and I don’t seem to have much time to reflect or otherwise produce interesting photos (the November gray may have something to do with that as well) so I have chosen to concentrate on trivia – the bits and pieces of interesting, entertaining or otherwise different items printed in daily papers.

  • An irascable cow tore down the fence of her pasture then charged two 80-year-old women on the grounds of the local EMS (medicalized home for the elderly) before wandering its corridors ! Although shaken the two woman are o.k. and the cow who fortunately didn’t run into any more pensioners in the corridors was anesthesized before being taken back to her pasture.
  • Pears for the future : Switzerland, believe it or not, can count 840 different varieties of pears – all of which will be inventoried and seeds kept in order to face coming climate changes
  • Several stores in Geneva celebrated « Black Friday » (why ? who thought of this ? and above all why use the words in English ?). The world of commerce is struggling obviously.
  • They are going to have to add something to electric cars so that they make more noise instead of sneaking up on people.
  • A treasure of over 4'000 pieces from the Roman emporers Aurelian and Maximien (3rd century) was found in an agriculteur’s fields.
  • 4 poisonous snakes were stolen, but according to the police « they aren’t dangerous as they aren’t agressive" … right – wouldn’t want to step on one anyway!
  • The oldest person in Europe is an Italian woman : Emma Morano. She says that the secret to her long life was leaving her husband in 1938 !
  • How to know that you have been robbed ? Run into someone on the streets wearing your clothes (this happened to someone here in Geneva)
  • We have just started the last month of 2015 – and already I am wondering where this year went.
  • There are only 21 days until the days start growing longer – a day we all greatly look forward to even though this November has been warmer and sunnier than many.
  • And the best of all: yesterday there was a rainbow over my home as I was walking down after picking up the mail !

November 30, 2015