Thursday, December 10, 2015

In a fog…

And in the fog.

I have, as I said more than once these past few days, weeks, been running not at 100 miles an hour, nor even at 120 miles an hour, but more like 150 miles an hour.  This has created a bit of forgetfulness and stress as I dash from one errand to the other, from one event to another : last weekend I described the state of my mind as « I had three neurons, one left and the next to the last one is on its way out as well », so not only have we had some real physical, weather-type fog, I have been in a fog as well.

Today the sun broke through, both physically and figuratively. Most things have been accomplished or can be put off until my return from a lovely, relaxing trip to Germany and Austria.

My housemate and her husband will move back in to take care of the cats who need more than just food a couple of times a day : with the cooler weather they are more want to follow me around and want to sit on a lap or curl up around my head (if I’m foolish enough to bet in bed with my eyes open).

And I’ll be off to remove the last wisps of mental fog : hopefully the physical fog will also cease and desist.

Fog at sunrise - covering the Jura mountains

Sunrise on fog towards Mont Blanc

Fog in the vineyards

More fog in the countryside

a layer of fog hovering in between lake and mountains