Monday, December 14, 2015

7 hours … across Switzerland and into Germany

Or the train from Geneva to Munich.

Due to the higher terrorist level in Geneva and the fact that the last time I tried to take a train to Germany I ended up turning around and coming back once I had done the 3 hours to Zurich, this time I decided to put more than the usual luck on my side. R took me to the train station early enough so that I could have an extra hour in Zurich just in case.

Of course having taken all those precautions, both trains went off without a hitch. Not only, but arriving in Munich I went out the correct door, got a taxi within seconds and was across town in my hotel in time for the 18:00 briefing ! Ran into the tour guide just leaving my room key in an envelope with my name (spelled correctly even – that’s once in a row) on it at the reception desk, so I was able to reconfirm the time as well as where the briefing was being held.

Although inside a train all day was able to get a few pictures out the windows once I had left the fog of Geneva, Fribourg, Neuchatel, Olten and Solothurn behind.

Now it’s on to Christmas markets galore with a childhood friend and her husband, first here in Munich, secondly on our cruise down the Danube from Nuremburg, Germany to Vienna, Austria.

Just a slight note of caution : in the fancy hotels wifi is paying, on the boat we may be out of range so the blogs of this particular trip may be a wee bit out of sync and slow in being posted.

Never mind, rest assured that fun will be had, photos will be taken and news will arrive albeit perhaps at a slower pace than usual.

sun through the fog looking down from the Geneva train station

double and sometimes triple suns through the windows

The Swaroski tree in the Zurich train station

Niki de Saint Phalle's "protective angel" sculpture in the Zurich train station

Into Lindau

Out from Lindau

Along the lake and the border
close up of the square rainbow in the picture above