Monday, December 21, 2015

On down the Danube - day 7

For once did not set the alarm as no immediate plans other than back into Regensburg to take a couple more photos before setting sail at 11:15 (even had time to download the last 4 days of newspapers as I had returned for the 10:00 scavenger hunt, which had been changed to 14:30) headed for Passau. 
the "Crystalkönigen"
The Crystal Queen was docked not far from us - we went past it before taking the outer spot - talk about bling - the whole ship was just one giant piece of it. Beautiful in the dark.

The below photos are from my very short trip back into Regensburg after breakfast and before sailing at 11:15

More wood-decorated houses

The Porta Praetoria - 179
This entry to the city was built by Marcus Aurelius - and renovated in 1885!

The Niedermünster in daylight

The Niedermünster organ
Although it should have been a more leisurely day (and it was less steps as my feet are not quite as sore tonight), but again Grand Circle Tours are very good at planning events, activities and other distractions. We had the scavenger hunt followed by a visit to the kitchens, the now normal mid-afternoon cake or stollen (also had a demonstration on how to make stollen somewhere in there) as well as Port Talk and Dinner.

How to make stollen - a Christmas bread

The chef puts out fresh stollen everyday for coffee in the afternoon

Afternoon coffee treat

one side of the galley

another side of the galley

The main chef and the banquet director
From this small galley come meals (sometimes seven-course ones) three times a day. There can be up to 25 people each with their own task. Only the pastry chef's corner is not shown.

Could barely keep my eyes open at parts of the afternoon – floating along and looking out at the passing river banks – in the fog one couldn’t see much else. I did manage to read a couple of the downloaded newspapers, talked to several other people, watched a couple of lock passages and in general relaxed.
There is a certain beauty even to a foggy day

Just barely visible church along the river way

and more fog
But still stayed up for the evening’s entertainment – a classical concert by our onboard musical entertainer Svetla.

Look what kind of desserts come out of the galley!
 Sweet dreams indeed!