Friday, May 1, 2015

May 1 – Worker’s day or…

Private and government, which is better?

The ongoing argument has never solved which is more efficient, which more productive, which, in short, better. One can turn both statistics and arguments any way that best suits the point that one is personally trying to make: often the exact opposite using the same statistics that someone else would prefer being the “truth”.

However, on this May 1st, which is partially celebrated in Switzerland, wholly in France as well as in other countries, and totally ignored in yet others, I reflect upon a recent day spent on the other side of town.

It was beautiful – and I took pictures of as well as greatly admired what that particular community had done in the way of flowerbeds along its roads. Public monies were used to plant these lovely displays and I for one am grateful that at least part of my taxes are used to such beautifying of my world.

Then there is the private initiative, an example of which was along that same road:
The association “Happy city lab” started by putting one box (for want of a better word) in a neighborhood, labeling it – “give something, take something”. With the benediction of the government the first ones that were test boxes in 2012 allowed approx.. 108’000 objects to be exchanged during the year – roughly 32 tons of material – that probably would have been thrown away. There are now some 40 boxes allowing exchanges of anything that will fit into said boxes.

Also one is now encouraged to post photos, say thanks etc. Public domain used privately
at its best.

Again, which is best? Government? Private? What about a good working relationship in between the two, one that benefits the worker as well as the higher-up-on-the-line?