Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finding one’s equilibrium

Life’s a balancing act: and usually we aren’t on the fulcrum but rather either up or down or somewhere in between, very rarely are we perfectly in balance.

To re-align ourselves, or find our equilibrium, we have many possibilities: from some it is listening to music (and again depending upon the person it can vary across the whole spectrum); for some it’s getting lost in a book; for some it’s exercise; for some it’s sleep; for some it’s vacation; for others work – you get the idea.

These activities can be added to places that allow one to re-center oneself: again there are as many possibilities as there are persons, however we often think

  • City breaks – big cities with museums, concerts and the like
  • Beach vacations – some simply enjoy the sun and water, others are more sporty
  • Countryside – with walks and slower activities
  • Cultural excursions – to a specific museum or entertainment
  • Mountains – hiking of all sorts, fresh air, skiing in the winter

It is the lucky person – or wise one – who knows what they need to do to relax and find their inner point of calm.

For me it’s the mountains, although in an emergency there are a few beaches in this world when in the offseason I can also happily wander. I can be social (very) but inevitably I need to retreat from people and explore nature. Nothing does me more good than a walk through the forests of some mountain peak or cross rough terrain above tree line.

After a two-week period of overly social activities – everyone of which I did enjoy – I was at the end of my rope so to speak so headed upwards. This mornings’ walk did wonders: the sound of the breeze in the trees, the birds twittering their news - I didn’t hate even the crows this morning- the crickets in the grass, the sheep bleating to each other, the sound of the water in the small rivers, it was all good.  Add to it the perfect temperature and sun – I’m me again!

a new fall