Thursday, July 24, 2014

Still thinking about it… or

Reasons for not writing a blog.
1)    Life caught up with me (My older son returned from Niger, Africa for 10 days of vacation) and of course we “needed” to eat out, catch up, then he left for the mountains, but was still a great excuse not to write or do much of anything really.
2)    I had nothing to say (quit laughing please). The fact that that was the 19th certainly doesn’t cover not writing anything the 17th or 18th, but then again, I can’t even remember why I was “too busy” those days so in retrospect I’ll just say that I was gearing up for his return.
3)    My typing fingers shut down and would only play computer games (now that one I know everyone will believe as opposed to #2).
4)    Other things needed doing, such as filing stuff from the beginning of the year, sorting through some more of the two boxes under the desk that have been there awaiting sorting for a couple of years now (so what’s the hurry?).
5)    I finally had lunch with someone that I hadn’t seen since early April (see I will get around to the rest of you in due time).
6)    I was into reading two separate books on France and Paris at the same time (still have a ways to go as one is 650 pages, the other 850)
7)    I needed to check on progress with varying tasks outside my normal ones (that kind of covers it all: anonymous, indistinct, uninteresting).
8)    My lamp needed fixing
9)    It’s summer (not that you can tell by the weather here) and life is slower.
10) My wash needed doing
11) The yard needing watering, weeding, the flowers snipping and the bushes pruning.
12)  I wrote emails to those I needed catching up with personally
13)  And I saved the best for the last: I simply didn’t feel like it!

I am pretty sure that no one missed me and for a few days I didn’t miss the writing, but all of a sudden today at this minute, I needed to write so that was a great reason to start again.

Blogging is supposed to be fun and I promised myself that I would never make myself do it in any pattern or with any precise frequency, so perhaps I’ll take a vacation (well earned?) or perhaps not: tomorrow will tell.