Saturday, July 12, 2014

Keeping one’s eyes on the path, or

Survival technique.
Yesterday it rained all day so I stuck to the paved roads, or mountain roads wide enough for tractors. 

Today, bored with that (there’s like one in each direction for about a 10-minute walk in one case and perhaps 20 in the other) and since today is only foggy, I decided to risk a mountain trail.

Due to previous experience, I keep my eyes glued to the trail whilst in movement, thus preventing (mostly) sprained ankles and tumbles. This morning was a case in point: even with my eyes on the path, my brain forgot to transmit in a timely manner the fact that the rock upon which I was about to set my foot would be slick. Good news, I slipped, but didn’t fall!

It dawns on me that this survival technique is also valid in my life: if one has a problem, a health issue, a loss (be it financially, physically or mentally), it is easier to keep one’s eyes down and on the path. Taking things in smaller bits (eyes down on a path one only sees a couple of meters ahead and to the sides) allows one to concentrate on just that bit and not be overwhelmed by the totality of the issue.

Of course, one needs to stop and take the time to view the larger picture, or one loses sight of many things, metaphorically – the “goal”. I wouldn’t miss the sight of the mountains, the glaciers, the streams and lakes for anything, but whilst moving (or making progress if you will), keeping one’s eyes down and on the path allows one to move forward with as little stumbling or tripping as possible.

It also means you don’t miss those logs covered in fungi – pictures for my brother-in-law!