Friday, July 4, 2014

Miss Betty does it again…

Has a birthday!

July 2 was a landmark in the life of Miss Betty: Paris with two of her children, celebrating her 91st birthday. It was also a “down day” in the program of planned events and city sightseeing, not that anyone was down, simply we had more flexibility and although many places and stops to see and acomplish, no particular order nor time frame in which they had to be made.

From the beginning – breakfast at the hotel, but we found a wee sweet to stand in for a birthday cake (the bakery where I had seen chocolate cupcakes the day before hadn’t made them that day so we had to settle for a “cake financier”, which is perhaps fitting as literally translated it means financial cake: does this mean that a windfall is in store for her?

Skipping the 90, just put the 1- cake for breakfast is allowed!

Miss Betty and her admirers - in the hotel lobby before leaving for the day.

In any case the first stop at the Maison du Chocolat saw a windfall of something: chocolate!

Maison du Chocolat and an accommodating salesperson
On to Galeries Lafayette and a woman’s favourite pastime: shopping.  A few perfume bottles later and we headed for Notre Dame and the free English guided tour. As said tour turned out to have as guide a very soft-spoken, heavily accented French women whom, if one was not directly in front of her, was basically not understandable. We decided that lunch was more important.

Galeries Lafayettes

Quasimodo’s with fresh lemonade (Miss Betty kept saying that it was a bit tart so 5 sugars later…), and lemon sugar crepes = happy tourists with enough energy to buy a few trinkets as souvenirs before heading back to the hotel for a slight pause.

The big event of the day: a dinner-cruise on the Seine river to celebrate Miss Betty’s 91st.
Delicious starters (asparagus soup, Caesar salad, a terrine and several other choices), followed by a selection again of mains as well as of desserts - all accompanied by a bottle of white and a bottle of red wine (I do wonder what happens to the leftovers as we only drank enough to toast her health and I a normal glass, leaving more than enough for yet another meal).

Dessert and a surprise for Miss Betty - her own personalized birthday sherbet slice - again we stuck to the one candles in order to not melt the sherbert faster than it was already melting in the heat of celebration.



The perfect end to a perfect day.