Saturday, July 13, 2013

It’s been a right old week, not one to be repeated!


One of those that comes unexpectedly (preparing for disaster isn’t something I keep at the front of my mind) and that, once ended, one sighs with relief – everyone alive and accounted for!

They always start out innocuously…

I was thinking of fixing my noon meal up in my mountain retreat 5 days ago when I starting getting text messages from housemate D-L's fiancé... “en route to hospital with D-L – she fell and hit her head”... “ in the ambulance on way to the hospital”...etc. By the time I had eaten lunch and fielded a few more text messages, I decided that I had best get back to Geneva. Only stopped at the house long enough to dump my stuff before continuing on to emergency. Scans showed no reason for the fall (fortunately) but she did have several fractures around her eye: no blowing her nose for several months and sneezing only with her mouth open. They kept her for observation that night and we came home around 10 p.m. stopping for a beer on the way to decompress. Up early the next morning, but we weren't able to get any news or visit until 10 a.m.  Once there we learned that she would be released, but they set up another meeting with the facial surgeons for that afternoon so D-L and R decided to stay until then.

I ran several errands, then on the way home got a text message from another friend saying that she would be flying overseas the next day as her daughter had been programmed for a C-section early Saturday morning. Had a quick coffee with her until D-L and R called around 5 p.m. that they were ready to come home. We celebrated as best as possible the publication of her 8th novel, which was officially released that very day.

Thursday was re-trench, take stock and recuperate: R spent the whole day raking leaves, pulling weeds and re-designing my front yard – D-L rested. I finally got back to some of my office tasks.

Friday I helped my older son get a few replacement items for his flat: due to his “bad back” (a herniated disc back in December), it was mother picking up boxes and loading the car whilst apparently healthy son looked on (good thing there weren’t too many people around and it certainly gives me more perspective on what problems others might have who look healthy because their “handicap” isn’t readily visible).

But fortunately time never stands still and positive usually follows negative.

Last night R threw a surprise party for D-L to celebrate the publication of Murder in Paris with several of her friends and out she went, swollen face and all – a very summery night, a table on the outdoor patio, great company – all worth it.

This morning I received news that baby E had been born and that “mother and child” are doing fine.

It has been a zoo. Anyway, certainly not bored, but no time to blog either!
Next week will be calmer (my prayer to the gods that be).