Sunday, July 7, 2013

Baby steps

Or, adjusting one’s realities

Today for the first time in three weeks I actually decided to take a path up through the forest instead of staying on the flat. (I sprained the same ankle that had already been subjected to a broken heel and a bad sprain a few years back, which greatly curtailed my hiking capacity up in the mountains in June). I figured that since I had managed the standing concert Friday, it would probably be o.k. as long as I was climbing and not going down: as a precaution I put on the flexible brace. What with picture taking and stopping to admire the scenery it was a whole hour! Feeling pleased with myself.

But that brings us back to the subject: will I ever again take a weeklong backpacking trip in the Sierra’s? Probably not, but I can perhaps work back up to a half-day hike.

And so it is in life, many things become more difficult with age, but other paths open. We may no longer be able to take on as much, but perhaps we do a better job with those tasks we continue. Maybe we can’t dance all night – or even talk a whole night through, but we can take a nap the next day to compensate for those hours after midnight. Perhaps our eyesight grows dim and our hearing iffy, thankfully taste buds usually hold up to their task.

Stopping to smell the roses was never more appropriate: adjusting one's realities to fit the circumstances never more necessary.