Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A WPS morning

I seem to have developed a love of acronyms – bear with me.

Began the day
Pruning and

One of the blessings of staying home for 10 days or so is the possibility of getting around to some of those myriad tasks that keep getting put off as not being “important enough”, i.e. can-be-postponed. They are not necessary to survival; most are only esthetic tasks (oh, I can hear the gardeners getting riled at that phrase, but in my household plants are on their own when it comes to their existence) and cleaning of appliances doesn’t happen unless so much grime has accumulated that they might be hazardous to our health.

I try to have flowers in a small space on the corner of the back patio, but usually it is my cleaning lady who plants them. If I am extremely lucky whoever is currently staying in the house will water them in my absence, but most of my visitors seem to be more like me – “plants, you’re on your own”. However, I am home and currently babying them – going so far as to buying a few more to fill in the holes! Thus, the watering. 

Pruning – I do, when I have extreme amounts of free time, i.e. 5 minutes - try and prune or deadhead said flowers. It has actually happened a couple of times this summer.

Scrubbing: I have a microwave convection oven, which means that one can’t just occasionally wipe off the grime. No, it has to actually be scrubbed with oven cleaner once in a blue moon, so, although the moon is only a half-moon tonight, I was motivated.

Tomorrow we’ll take on the PCS… stay tuned.