Saturday, July 27, 2013

Guest Editor: Scooby-Doo

Dear Mommy,

After you abandoned me here in Switzerland, I moped for a bit as neither grandma, her fiance nor her friend let me sleep with them. 

It was so hot too and when I overheard them discussing the mountains, I decided to stow away.

Such excitement – I climbed into the trunk, but got found quickly. The driver took my presence well and seeing how hot I was began looking for refreshing views and entertaining stops. You wouldn’t believe the water I’ve seen on the way to the alps: Lac Léman (often simply called Lake Geneva much to the disgust of the people in the next canton up as well as the French who share part of its shores);
Lac Leman

the Rhone river (looks awful, as it is gray, but the driver told me that that is because it is glacial run-off so carries a lot of stone sediment); 

Rhone River

an artificial lake at one of the most gorgeous highway stops I’ve ever seen;
Relais du Grand Saint Bernard

the Trient river, which flows through a gorge of the same name and the Dranse, which runs under a too-cute-to-be-believed wooden bridge.

La Batiaz

Pretty is, as pretty does.

But there was also playtime – 


 I got to sit on the swing,
 ride the frog,


climb the ropes: sure am glad she didn’t make me go down the BMX run – my tummy felt funny just thinking of those bumps. 

BMX park in the Chablais

Since I am a bit afraid of swimming I didn’t go in the lake to play with the ducks nor jump off the bridge (Western City), 

 but I loved sitting at the picnic table, 


posing with my cousin and aunt
hugging a cow (thank goodness it was only a plastic one – they are too big for me!). 

Then I got to lay on a very old car, which parked by mine 


A real day to be remembered, but I am glad now to lay on the sofa and recuperate: who knows what she’ll want to do tomorrow?