Sunday, July 14, 2013

A 3-P day: puttering, potting and positive

Ah, the pleasure of a whole day without appointments or worries (a fact which I can now confirm having gotten to the early evening without any mishaps in the house, or, to my knowledge, to those I love outside of the house). This doesn’t happen often in my life and is greatly appreciated when it does.

Awoke to a cool morning, a quiet Sunday and sun.

That put me in a positive mood so enjoyed starting a new book instead of rushing off anywhere. When I did deign to arise and breakfast, it was leisurely.

Then puttered and potted my way through the day: an Aloe Vera plant in my bedroom desperately needed re-potting (managed 8 separate pots from that); my few flowers got a benevolent soak, my roses got dead-headed and I annihilated a few weeds on the terrace.

Downloaded pictures from all my cameras; sent out the invitation to my August 1st come-as-you-are for-however-long cocktail party; contemplated being more energetic and shot down the thought in the same nanosecond that it took to form.

Puttering, potting – everything was positive in this one day, including my reward below.

Mango shergert