Thursday, February 1, 2018

Letting go…

No, not of the Old Year, nor of loves, friendships or acquaintances, nor even the fact that I didn't blog much in the past few months, but rather of OBJECTS.

Traditionally I have not made any New Year’s resolutions since I was a teenager (ok so once in awhile as an adult I fell back into bad patterns, but never for long and never seriously, nor did I ever follow through!) nor did I this year.

However when a friend asked I did give it some thought, then when a day later I tossed out something that had been laying around for a long time: something that I never used, but that was going to always “come in handy” someday I had a sort of epiphany.

What if I got rid of one item per day – for a whole year!
Imagine 365 THINGS gone, out of the house and my life. Wouldn’t that be glorious.

So I started. Now this doesn’t mean that I can’t throw away more, but at least at the end of 2018 I will be 365 objects lighter!

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