Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When is a good thing too much?

Now that can be interpreted almost any way one wishes.
We can probably never have enough joy, happiness, fulfillment or love, but things?
How much does it take for something that is wanted to become too much?

Some women would argue never when it comes to shoes or purses; some men when
It comes to cars, motorcycles, games one by a favorite team, etc.

Children would find it never too much on candy or chips depending upon their personal
tendency to like sweet or savory.

Teenagers would probably find it never too much to be out of sight of adults and those who are older than I (we never count ourselves do we?) would say that one could never get
too much of youth.

I am sure that any of you can think of another half a dozen things of which one “can never have too much”.

I almost managed.
Now it is a well-known fact that for myself and several other of my friends, who will go nameless in order to protect the innocent (or not so), all women for obvious reasons, can never have enough toilet paper.
So when there was a sale in one of my regular grocery stores a few days ago I grabbed the 24-roll package and headed to the cash register.  There it turned out that the price was 2 for 1 and it is thus that I ended up with 48 rolls of toilet paper.

Not saying that it’s too much, but am rather sure that I won’t have a lack any time in the near future, especially as the guests are gone! 

That is, one lot of guests as this was written back mid-January - now the next lot is here and we are grateful for the surplus! 

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