Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Epic Road Trip – Day 2

Breakfast – deluxe and delicious – even liked the plates so much that I switched to get the one I wanted (tulip motif). This is only a part of what was on offering: bless you P and J!

Then it was a short walk along the paved trail surrounding the gated community with views from everywhere (ok didn’t intend that pun either, but the truth is the truth – 360° of countryside) before starting off on our second day’s journey: we did go to the park at the bottom of the hill also as I had seen a pair of geese and their babies the day before as we were arriving and desperately wanted a picture.

View from El Dorado Hills

Pond near an office building

Geese and their babies 
Our morning's drive

An experience: a drive-through only coffee shop

Then it was a leisurely short drive to our next destination – Auburn, California where we were spending the night with very dear friends from my deceased little sister’s life.  Auburn has the merit, in addition to D&K, of having an Old Town – one, which we were able to explore before heading to dinner with their daughter S and her daughter C. S taught at the same school where our little sister spent so many years and the whole family were – and still are – a tower of strength to ours.

Auburn's Courthouse

Shingle house

Brick house

Clapboard house

The old Firehouse

A Rock crusher - from Cornwall, England

Detail of the restaurant down the enclosed "mall"

Ceiling details down the same "mall"

Another ceiling detail on the same "mall"

An un-renovated piece of property.

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