Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Epic Road Trip – Day 1

When I decided to return to California this spring, I started listing all the relatives and friends that I “had” to see. The list grew and grew. Then my sister retired and all of a sudden it became the Sister’s Epic Road Trip.
Two loops – one North and one South – trying to cram in as many relatives and friends as possible.

Monday the 25th we set off. 
Traveling in style, chauffeured by my sister

Monday to Sunday and only a piece of luggage per person!

What to say, how many photos with which to bore my faithful readers. Shortly: day one saw us visiting first a bed-ridden cousin, then spending the night with another cousin.
Following are sights seen along the way – some for which one needed to rub one’s eyes!

Yes - a "tiny house" just being pulled down the road.

Great traveling weather - and this is sunny California
Best coffee yet, but since it was an Italian place just what I would expect!