Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Supporters

And, no I don’t mean football, basketball, baseball, volleyball or soccer fans.

Rather, I am thinking of those persons who in the face of adversity or crises are
capable of becoming someone to lean on, someone to listen, someone to provide that which is momentarily lacking be it food, drink, telephone calls and a host of other actions and items way too long to list.

We sometimes call some of them “carers”, but by supporters I also mean those who by one simple or non-repetitive task make another’s life easier.

My aunt (mother’s younger sister) was one such: in her professional life as she was unmarried she would take on the holiday surgery schedule so that other nurses with families could be home; she provided fresh baked goodies most weekends (not that my mother was a slouch in that department herself), she it was who gave us those toys (namely dolls, stuffed animals and watches) that were beyond my parent’s wallets.

When my father passed away, my mother’s church had a group that supplied the food for the reception; when my mother passed away, the same group provided her children with food for that reception.  And when my little sister passed away there were her friends to help us bind the community.

When my husband died, many a supportive deed was accomplished in our favour, but I am also talking of those who by their acts of listening to the lonely mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, neighbour etc. are supportive.

If I mention the supporters it is because they are rarely acknowledge: their assistance and care often taken for granted, but who of us can get through life without having the odd “hand up”?  They smooth life’s paths, ease life’s challenges and aid in facing adversity. 

Without the selfless giving of one’s time or talents, life would be so much poorer.
I salute those who give their place in line to someone more rushed; to those who provide coffee or tea for all entering their sphere during times of stress and grief; to those who print the photos or type the programs; to those who polish (unasked) someone else’s shoes; to those who walk an elderly/handicapped person across the street; to those who make the phone calls after accidents; to those who aid someone who has fallen in public to get back up and who stop long enough to make sure that they are o.k.; to those who by their presence make life a little bit easier, warmer and loving.

Heart from Harmony