Friday, November 14, 2014

Baked Love

It all started at the book sale last week: one of my Mary friends (there is Mary A, Mary B, Mary D, Mary G, Mary H and Mary S so far, if I add the foreign language Mary's as in Maria there would also be F and T) had been helping out at the English-speaking library since 1956 and although she no longer is there every Wednesday, she still helps with the book sale.

She is also a neighbour living just below me on the lakefront.

We got to chatting – the usual “how are you”? We really should have coffee/tea”, etc. then she proudly announced that she would be turning 90 the next Wednesday – Nov.12th.

Well I thought – need something here, but as was on a non-residue diet (don’t ask, it’s over and all is well) waited until Tuesday when I all of a sudden thought – ah ha, I haven’t made brownies in a long, long time, the weather is cooler, I have the time, let’s do it.

Then, as is my wont, started thinking…
I need to thank S for giving my younger son a desk and two sets of drawers and she loves my brownies; need to thank F who took me to the doctor; then it was going to be the physical therapist's birthday as well and, oh by the way, brownies would - if not make the pain go away - at least be a welcome comfort to my housemate who just lost one of her best friends – and whom I would be visiting.

Then, as I am making them (two double batches!) may as well make sure that I leave some for my younger son, who although he eats very healthfully has been known to make an exception for my brownies.

In short, I baked for friends and family because I love them. I’m not always so good with the hugs or words, but brownies I can bake. And I figure that “baked love” isn't the worst way of showing it.