Sunday, November 2, 2014

A celebration or…

Food lovely food
When my housemate declared: “it’s time to celebrate, I’ve just sent off my 11th manuscript”. We debated which number it was at lunch and if one adds the one she wrote on her bout of Breast Cancer (The Cockeyed Nipple – available on Amazon; and the one that she wrote with other writer’s; Lost and Found in Camden  (proceeds also donated to Breast Cancer research, available on Amazon:, it would actually be the 13th. As I rather like number 13 and this one is set in Switzerland, I am sure that this is an auspicious sign), her husband and I said, “when, where?” and I added that I would drive them/us wherever she wished.

As one of our favorite waiters from our local restaurant has now opened up his own, taking over the Café de la Frontière on the border and since her husband had not yet been there, we decided that would be our goal.

Ah, ah and might I saw ah with a bit of awe thrown in!
She went for the “contraband” menu, I for the bi-monthly menu and R. for a hunt-based one.
We were none of us disappointed from the starter, in my case squash soup with bits of foie gras; she a foie gras lightly pan-fried and he a Caprese salad (mozzarella and tomatoes). Our main courses were also very pleasing to the palate, so much so that dessert became a modified version thereof, D-L and I settling for an apricot sherbet (that actually tasted like apricot and had bits of fresh apricot in it) and R. for a highly gourmet creation of chocolate and ice cream.

Stuffed would be a good word. Sun was shining throughout: all for celebrations!
Café de la Frontière, Anières, Suisse

Squash soup with a twist: tasty!

Duck with rasberry sauce

Some of us were tempted to lick our plates!