Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Taking it easy, if only for a day.

Sometimes one just needs to take the day off on a holiday!                     

Having never had a full-time 9 to 5 job I really have also never known the pleasures of a true vacation or a day off where one doesn’t even think of the office. Of course there have been many other advantages: the possibility of working all the hours of the day when one has a project to finish; the possibility of working on a Sunday or holiday then taking off a half-day in the middle of the week; one is never bored as always somewhat aware of “keeping in touch with the client”.

But sometimes, very rarely and thus all the more appreciated, I have been able to convince myself that since the rest of the world isn’t working, that I don’t need to either!

Yesterday was such a day: Whit Monday to the British, Pentecost to the catholic European countries, my American friends have no equivalent, but then we have no President’s Day either so things even out.

I left my mountain retreat after a quick walk in the forest: summer has struck with a vengeance and so suddenly that most of us were unprepared – hard to get in the hot mode when you have had the heat on the day before! Anyway walked early as the only option and even then it was already 27°C (80°F) at 1’100 meters (3’600 feet) just before 9 a.m.!

Yvorne, VD, Switzerland
On my way home stopped to have lunch with a friend in a small Swiss town known for its white wine: Yvorne.  Couldn’t believe that I had actually never even driven through it although it is well known in wine circles, but I hadn’t.

Found a lovely terrace, had a lovely meal as there was a slight breeze and good awnings then meandered leisurely along the French side home.  A great little holiday: must try it more often.

Entry to Yvorne, Switzerland

Very appropriate decoration at the entry to Yvorne

Notice the seafood in honor of my relatives who are fishing in Alaska.

The carpaccio of beef was just as delicious looking.