Thursday, June 12, 2014

Serendipity or…

Those magic moments, which sometimes happen due to a happy set of circumstances.

moon rising through the sunset - direction Mont Blanc

Last night I was lucky enough to enjoy one of them: a good friend returned from visiting her sister with her dad – who will turn 92 next Tuesday – and invited me up for an informal meal. Out on the back terrace a slight breeze, cloudless skies and no direct sun we enjoyed doing a comparison taste-test as to smoked salmon: Norwegian or Scottish? Looked different, but the textures were the same: one smelled smokier, the others' smokiness came at the end of the bite. It was a toss up we decided.   

Chat ranged from everything to nothing, from the absent children (and her spouse currently on a business trip: tourists are known to do 5 countries in 5 days, but some businessmen have to do the same: we certainly had it better), to siblings, to world events then back to food – nothing solved, no big complaints, just an exchange of information and the best of senses. Sparkling white wine, a delicious fresh bread, salted butter – a repast for queens and kings, which is how we felt in the moment.  The entire thing topped off with a crème brûlée and the rising full moon.


Couldn’t have planned it, couldn’t have enjoyed it more than we did!