Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keeping one’s eyes on the ground isn’t…

Always a negative!

I know, since childhood we are exhorted to “keep your eyes on the goal” (that presumably being at eye level), “look up” (from your computer, your book, whatever), “look to the sky” (the clouds, the stars, the moon).

This is not always prudent: in my case experience (painful, very painful) has taught me that if I am upright on my two feet and either one of them is in the process of moving (and sometimes just thinking of moving) that I had best keep my eyes on the ground around them.  That one slick leaf, mossy rock, turned up carpet, two-inch lip on the sidewalk, the one stone on a flat surface, that piece of flint (o.k. I exaggerate, but only somewhat) will have me wind milling with my arms (gotten very good at that and there is some small satisfaction in the fact that my balance is pretty good, I usually only fall once in the 100 times that I trip, etc.).

However, sometimes this turns out to be a very happy experience. Look at all of the things that I would have missed yesterday had I been looking around me or up (and yes I do look around and up, just try and remember to come to a complete stop when I do so).

So, keep your eyes to the ground occasionally – you’ll see things that you would have missed otherwise.
Highway of ants

not sure what it is, but sure is pretty

usually it's the bees, but these beetles seem to like it also

iridescent bugs

local butterfly

I'll hop, if you do.

cricket, laying low