Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sometimes you just have to “reset”.

As a normal – more or less – human being, I have a love of the tried and true, the usual, the ordinary, the ho-hum everyday sticking to the schedule or reason or reasoning. Change, good or bad, is to be avoided.

However, occasionally someone or something will work at me enough to lever me out of that state of being: this time it was my browser.

If I didn’t much notice it for the odd search, it was fairly obvious when I changed tabs and even more so when it came to playing the occasional computer game (well, if you believe that you don’t know me!). It was getting to the point that I wasn’t even playing any computer games as simply too slow.

At first I checked my extensions, my add-ons, emptied my desktop trash, my iPhoto trash, and all the other trash cans (and there are a few – why can’t someone develop a communal trash can for the computer so that there is only one place to empty? Are you listening geeks?). I seriously considered offloading some of my numerous files and it got so bad that I re-started my “I-need-to-get-a-new-computer: which one?” search!

Whilst reading the what to do when your browser is too slow, I read that sometimes simply going back to the original configuration helps: “reset to default”. Oh the trepidations… but finally it was one slow game too many and I thought, what the heck, can’t use it as it is, may as well take a chance.

 I hit that button and lo and behold am back up to my usual scores.

It seems to me that this is perhaps a homily on life as well: we spend so much time trying to avoid having to re-start a relation, re-configure a computer, replace that worn out shirt (but it was a favorite, never mind the hole at the bottom of the hem, no one will notice), replace the “on its last legs” piece of machinery when we would probably be a lot better off simply taking a chance and hitting that “reset” button.

Hmm…. Now if I can figure out how to set the physical body one to say 20 years ago, that would be one, which I would willingly take a chance on! I know, I’ll click on this one.