Sunday, September 8, 2013

Under 100

Or how to count the unimportant

Today is a slow day: I awoke at 4:30 (thanks to trying to hydrate more yesterday) but was able to fall back asleep and lo and behold it was 8:00 before I pulled myself out of my dreams. Went over to the restaurant that carries bread and the Sunday paper for both items: she too had not awakened normally and was busy trying to wake herself up enough to help the few customers dragging themselves out into the much cooler and wetter day.

By the time coffee was drunk (approx.. 100 drops), bread was eaten (approx.. 100 crumbs) and paper read (fortunately only half that 100 pages) – my landlord popped down and we both groaned that it was already 10:00 and nothing yet done – not that Sunday’s are particularly meant for accomplishing things – aren’t we supposed to relax?

Took a quick walk in the 100 drops of rain and didn’t get totally soaked: not counting the 100s of trees shrouded in fog, nor the 100s of drops on the leaves.

Lunch = good – nothing 100 about it though.

Where the 100 was really productive: I have cross-checked 100 of the clients payments against their mailing list and added e-mails where necessary; I have cleared my inbox down to below 100; I have finished a photo album of under 100 pages (which is taking over 100 minutes to upload – the connection in the flat not being high caliber to put it mildly) and now intend to watch 100 minutes of TV, or DVD, or read 100 pages of my current book.

All in all, the day was 100% successful!