Saturday, September 7, 2013


In my quest for new doormats, I decided to drive to Sion, VS and check out the various stores there (had only been once this year so deemed it time for another trip)
Upon arrival I parked under one of the department stores, then, instead of simply looking there, thought I’d take a walk through Old Town.

As has happened to me many a time: unforeseen, unplanned and unknowingly, I happened across a major event: Friday’s Market in the Old Town with more than 85 stands along the main road and several secondary side streets – larger even than the other market that I am most familiar with – i.e. Argelès-sur-Mer.

My camera was in the car so let me try and give you the flavor without pictures to assist. Those above I took later once I had returned to my car.

Local gardeners with their array of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs – all glowing with that just-from-the-garden freshness; stands of sausages with a variety for everyone; others with cheeses – again local and with herbs for every palate, or plain; wooden toys; several jewelry stands – all again made by artisans in the craft; knitted items – including a couple of ladies carding the wool as they explained the process; the usual street musician or two; stands, coffee shops and restaurants too numerous to mention – all with their own specialties (as we were close to noon and in the Valais, there was many a stand-up stall with the local wines on display and already being drunk); a pastry stall; Asian takeaway, Raclette by the portion; and my personal favorite (I had the choice of two separate vendors too), the tapenade, dried tomatoes in oil, capers of several varieties as well as olives – again in at least 6 different flavors and sweet garlic cloves stands. Such luck – an added treat.

On the way back to the mountains I did take pictures of the surrounding peaks.