Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paucis verbis

Or how the mind wanders.

I was checking recent Facebook postings, one of which concerned an article from The Economist about how the elderly (meaning me?!) could improve their cognitive skills by playing video games. Of course I had to see which video games so that led to opening the link and reading the article (

Many of you know that whilst reading anything online one also tends to see other postings (think YouTube).

In the side bar under “recent activity” was  Pax vobiscum. Having always kind of regretted that I hadn’t had the opportunity to learn Latin, I clicked on it just to see. Turned out to be an article (also from The Economist) about sexism in gaming. But the title didn’t mean anything to me so had to go to the translator. Pax vobiscum means peace be with you (now why the author chose that as the title to an article about sexism in gaming is beyond my finite mind – perhaps trying to be more erudite, something I have long since avoided.)

I now knew the meaning to that Latin phrase, but then noticed that the word preceding it in the dictionary, was Paucis verbis… or “in a few words”.

Time to reign in my meanderings or this could go on all day and more than a few words will have been written.