Saturday, September 14, 2013

The power of one

Or a totally different story

This one has absolutely nothing to be with contributing only goodness to society, but rather is about words and how enormous the change is when one swaps one letter for another.

I amused myself whilst driving home the other day – and couldn’t find anything for X until I looked in a dictionary: the others are as they came.

ace   / age
ban  / bun
can / con
den / din
eat / ear
far / fir
get / got or goat / gout
hat /hot
ice / ire
jab / job
kiln / kilt
lamb /limb
mate / mute
never / newer
ode /ore
Pack / pick
quack / quick
rest /rust
son / sun
trap / trip
udder / under
vane / vine
wham / whim
xeno /xero (both are not words, but rather prefixes, but that’s all even the dictionary could come up with).
yen / yon
zap / zip

They say “what a difference a day makes”, I say “what a difference a letter can make”.