Thursday, January 3, 2019

Until the last drop…

Or piece, or smear.

I had always read on sites that talk about minimalizing, or saving, or being more ecological that one should always cut open the squeeze tubes. I was very good at simply rolling them tight, leaving them on their head so that what little was left would drip down, but I balked at cutting them. I will no longer hesitate as the bug hit me when I had already squeezed, turned upside down and otherwise emptied my day cream lotion tube when one day the urge hit, the scissors were there, and I was feeling “sparsam” (like saving, sometimes the German is simply more succinct).

A month later (note that is over 30 days in some months!) and I finally threw out what was left in the cut-off top as simply too sloppy looking on my shelves. But I just imagine the amount of profit being made if that much is left in the tube.

This year I will also work on eating up the leftovers. We have so much waste and much of it is under our control. Still not setting any New Year's Resolutions, but will try in general to not be wasteful - it can only help me, the pocket book and the world. Not a bad thing.

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