Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It’s all about me…

After an overly busy December followed by company in between Christmas and New Year’s then the rush, excitement, dread, frantic sorting out and dispersing of various accumulated childhood items saw the departure of my younger son, I am now finally “home alone” and ready to get on with my own life.

For the first time in weeks (maybe not months, although…) I have a day where I have only appointments of my choosing, namely a massage and dinner with a good friend.

I started this before I had made any plans and have now enjoyed a trip to the flea market; lunch in an inexpensive Asian restaurant, good coffee with a friend and am looking forward to the massage and the dinner.

I am sure that if this was a regular occurrence I would find life boring, but for a day or two I am more than happy to make it all about ME!

Way back last summer...

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