Thursday, March 8, 2018

Tea by tea and

Day by day: my wonderful life.

My local mini mart, which also serves as our post office and a coffee/tea and snackroom tries to be innovative. One of the manager’s social events is an “after work” on Friday nights from 18:30 – 20:00. I have attended most of them and it is amazing how many people one doesn’t know or see in the village as they work in town and only return in the early evening. I have met some very interesting people and although he didn’t hold them the coldest nights of February he will be re-starting them this week.

Another activity is tea-tasting: yes, you read correctly. On most Thursday mornings there is a lady who comes out and with a proper tea pot (for want of a better word: this is more like a samovar that the Turkish and Russian and Middle Eastern countries use).

Not the actual one, but her's is very glittery like this one.

I had taken my car into the garage for its annual check last night and had intended having breakfast at home. That is until I awoke to – finally – gloriously blue skies and the sun, which I had begun to forget.  I walked up for my usual coffee. That in itself did me a lot of good, but finding the tea lady there as well I of course had to sample today’s offering.

A “chocolate” tea. I was pleasantly surprised as one didn’t really smell chocolate, it was simply a very subtle flavor on the palate once one had swallowed.

I did not buy any although I had also loved her “Russian flavor” a couple of weeks ago as I myself have some 25 different types of tea in the house – and my younger son in leaving left another dozen or so. I am not likely to run out of tea any time soon and am slowly working my way through all these teas by brewing a pot every morning.

the "tea box" at home - almost empty

The tea our Thursday morning lady sells.

But only once I have had my coffee!

So tea after tea and day after day I continue to enjoy life.

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