Sunday, March 4, 2018

At loose ends or…

Sunday sloth.

Now that’s an oxymoron for those who know me: being at loose ends that is!

However, every once in awhile the stars align – or don’t – and I have a weekend without
any plans! If yesterday got quickly filled running around and not doing much, followed by an indulgent “let’s catch up on recorded TV programs”, today I woke up to fog and absolutely nothing on my agenda.

I love a Sunday morning where I can relax, have breakfast in my pjs, clean the odd drawer, finally take a shower and wash my hair, but enough is enough.

Having cleaned the silverware drawer, done the personal grooming bit, cleaned the glass shower door and even thrown in a wash for good measure it was only 11 and although I need to re-check my tax prep to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything, this is NOT something I am willing to waste a Sunday on.

As the friend with whom I am to do “something” this week never answered my email of Friday night (there are actually people who don’t check their e-mails every day???) proposing going to the movies today, I thought hmmmmm – oh yes perhaps catch up with the son who is in town: he didn’t answer his phone. Never mind another friend had sent an email complaining about the fog so I know that I can pop up there sometime this afternoon.

I should (and that’s a word that I am trying to ban from my vocabulary – who says that I should?), I mean I could do a half a dozen things, but de-frosting the freezer, throwing out files, sorting out clothes, cleaning a half a dozen spots – none of those exactly appeal.

Ah saved by the phone – son is free and I will go have coffee and cake this afternoon; probably stop by the local friend’s as well and catch up on their news. These social plans allow me to now do the next bit of sorting, cleaning or otherwise occupying my time usefully. See there’s always a plan B.