Wednesday, March 21, 2018

In the middle of the night….

Is part of a song "The River of Dreams" by American musician Billy Joel. It is the title track and first single from his 1993 album River of Dreams. The song was a hit, peaking at #3 on the United States and UK charts, making it Joel's highest charting of the 1990s.

But today for me “in the middle of the night” has another meaning: the gremlins that plague
Microsoft and Skype were having fun in the middle of the night!

From my Skype panel and my older son came the following:

S : You spammed me! Don't know how that happened. Did you log into Skype from a public or non secured computer?

Me : To their credit Microsoft picked it up - when I opened up my computer this morning just now they said that I had to sign in - then they wrote that it seemed as if someone else was using my account so I had to create another password, re-do my security contact etc. Interesting - especially since I wasn't on a public computer nor was my computer with which I skype ever out of the office. I am pretty sure that it happened when I used my mini-mac upstairs the other day to skype with S. This means that my mini-mac might not be secure? Anyway my Skype account is re-booted and I won't be using my mini-mac to skype this weekend. In fact since I will take my cell phone and leave it on my roaming days I might not take the computer at all. However as I hate writing e-mails on the cell phone I probably will still take the mini-mac. Love you and sure am happy about the news!

S : Cool, Glad it got caught!

Me : Pretty sure that I know now what happened. In checking my Skype I notice the WF - who lives in the Philippines - sent me a link and a message.... from now on I will also close Skype when I finish for the day instead of simply shutting it down. I am never logged off because of that. Anyway all is well (ps his message was at 2:41 am and if I look at my side bar I see that probably the whole world got caught as everyone in my skype contacts sent messages at 2:41 am (including Aunt Pat as I never had the guts to take her off).

S : Wow, seems pretty wide scale then. IT people will definitely be on it.
It is more the targeted hacking that worries me.
Not the case here.

Me : Exactly.  What's even more interesting is that they didn’t spam the group conversations as it is only individuals on my bar and not for example the conversations K&K. Still all 29 of my individual contacts show another link at 2:41 am.

End of conversation – and 20 minutes later I had compensated for what the gremlins had accomplished whilst I was sound asleep… in the middle of the night!

Kudos also to Microsoft for having good algorithms.


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