Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Aspirin with your walk?

I am lucky enough to live in a small community where the words ecology, bio-diversity and others are not unknown. 

I am also lucky enough to have been able to go on a walk, led by Alain Rifat, where we were shown how the renaturalisation of one water source in the community has taken place along the Nant d’Aisy.

Who knew that in order for a hare to survive there needs to be 80 different types of plants and insects for example, or that in order for nature to produce biodiversity the soil needs to be “poor” or that there are “pioneer” plants such as the lowly poppy that indicate where this is taking place. 

A biodiversity plot

one plant as it unfurls
Lovely natural gate
We learned so many things, not that I have retained all that much except that aspirin is very common along water courses – Spiraea Ulmaria or Meadowsweet - but at least now I know where to go and whom to see should I have questions!

Spiraea Ulmaria

And hopefully I will again be around for another such informative walk in the future.