Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life’s little ironies

Medical emergencies are never funny I know, but they do have their moments of hilarity in spite of it all.

Yesterday I managed to, yet again, get myself into a fix: I went for a walk around 1:30 in the afternoon down by the lake and managed to slip on some of the twigs that they were trimming: did a face plant and hit side of face and right arm. Couldn't use it to get up as too much pain so knew that something was wrong. Called but the tree trimmers didn't hear me. Rolled over on my left and was able to sit up on the sidewalk. Was able on the second try to get the attention of a couple leaving the restaurant so instead of calling an ambulance and having to wait in the cold they took me to emergency. Angels on my side.

Got lucky there too as the checked me right away and gave me some painkillers - not much of an effect. But was back in a box a couple of hours later with a shot of morphine. Then it was wait for x-rays - broken upper arm in three spots. They decided that not only did they want a scan before deciding on what kind of surgery, but also because I had hit my head: I was 6th in line, which meant about 5 hours of waiting! Good news head scan o.k. (so still no excuse for my quirks). So was able to have a friend bring me home around midnight. They will have their orthopedic reunion and I can only hope that surgery can be programmed quickly. Here we go, six weeks of left-handed everything and no driving to boot. Wonder if I'll learn patience? 

my pile of clothes

ER box

But there were funny moments as well: watching the clock turn 2016; sending the roll of toilet paper flying when trying to rip off some one-handed; realizing that all the text messages that I was getting weren’t from family or friends, but rather from the deposits to my electronic medical file, but the funniest of all came just now when I wanted to check said file only to receive this message:

and me?

Hmmm… sounds like even electronics are mimicking my life.