Thursday, February 16, 2017

Christmas in February or…

We have perfected the art of partying all the time using most anything for an excuse.
Of course I could also say that we have perfecting being late, but there were totally valid reasons.

And we are talking about two lots of “Christmas” – the one with my neighbors, both on my side and the upper ones as well as the one with my former housemate and her husband.

Thus it was that in this one week in February, I celebrated “catch-up” Christmas two nights in a row.

Not much of an excuse for being so late with the direct neighbors other than trying to find one night where five adults are all free at the same time isn’t easy what with the grandkids, the selling of a house, the correcting of thesis, life in general.

Then for my former house-mate and her husband it is the fact that they aren’t always in Switzerland; there was my bout of flu, followed by a bad cold; when they did return we couldn’t find an evening where we all three were free (good thing that we weren’t trying to incorporate even more persons, like my two sons) and so it was that both landed in the same week!

And, interestingly enough, both were well enjoyed, lively with discussions and good humor abounding. Not having to compete with all the usual parties led to much more relaxed events and in the case of last night where one of my presents was spring flowers more color.

Long live not doing the usual at the “right” time.

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