Friday, December 16, 2016

The cookie jag or…

Baking one’s heart out – hmmm – maybe that should be how to make a total mess out of a kitchen?

For those of you who are used to seeing my kitchen pristine clean, or for some whom I have been noted to scold when they didn’t leave it just as I like, you will love the following pictures.

Two days this week I went on a baking cookies and cakes jag: 7 small Christmas cakes; a batch of chocolate chip cookies; another batch of double chocolate and ginger cookies; another of Russian tea cakes; and yet another double batch of brownies!

I won’t go into the details of sugar, butter and flour used, but there was definitely more of the former than the latter and in all enough to feed a small village enough calories for several months.

Who are the recipients of all this you might ask – as surely she doesn’t intend to eat all that herself. First there was the delivery to the mayor’s office (have done so several years in a row) and to the chap that so kindly uses my driveway to turn the snowplow around in the winter when I leave the gate open. He is also responsible for keeping the village plants and flowers in shape, always has a smile and hello for everyone and thus very deserving of any small attentions that I can think up.  Then I took the rest of the brownies up to the coffee shop one morning and let my coffee buddies indulge – leaving the rest for the chap that runs the coffee and mini store.

I love to bake – no one has yet refused anything that I was willing to give them and even make noises about actually liking my efforts.

I will make more before the holidays an probably finish the last out of the freezer sometime in February.

Ah the sweetness – if only I could find a way of making the whole world as sweet.