Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting off the Merry-go-round

Before one is spinning so fast that one flies off and shatters.

I have had tough periods in my life, I have had stress, illness and death, but in general I enjoy a wonderful one.

These past few weeks have been no exception other than too much of a good thing stops being a good thing.  I would not have not met any of the people I did, I would not have not gone on any of my trips, nor not attended any of my concerts, lunches, dinners or coffees.

However thanks to (or rather due to) a couple of sleepless nights and others that were more agitated than normal, I finally hit the wall – and was very fortunate in that stopping happened naturally.

This morning at my usual coffee, one of the others at the table handed me an article on a lunch concert in the MAH – Museum of Art and History – scheduled for 12:30. I had been supposed to be going out for lunch, but the other friend was amenable to a change in the schedule so I had the very rare privilege of discovering this “Concert Pliant” (now why they call a concert a folding one I haven’t a clue nor was I able to gather any other information).
Today’s was played on a Jacob Stirnemann fecit 1777 by Jovanka Marville in the historical Conseil d’Etat (the executive power of the state) room. This Salon got its name from the fact that the woodwork on the walls, cornices, etc. were taken from the original Conseil d’Etat room: all of the furniture dates back to the 18th century thus permitting the audience to be in the same atmosphere and listening conditions that were typical of this period. The piano itself is composed of two key board of 61 keys, but its’ builder used a Southern German technic to link the two keyboards. The concert was Baroque and fabulous.  Leaving the concert at 13:45 one was very hungry so chose to go to the closest restaurant available. They still had the lunch menu – the crowds were fairly non-existent and the meal delightful.

Front of the piano

Cover when lifted

I then topped all that off with a trip to the Bains Bleues – our local spa, leaving my cell phone in the car!

Relaxed, mellow, ready to return to the carousel tomorrow, I will no go up, turn on my cell phone and pick up on “real” life – although somehow the day I just had seems much to be emulated more often.

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