Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We left sunny California…

To arrive in sunny Alaska, where the weather and temperatures are a great deal better than back home – it’s topsy-turvy world: still 21°C here in Anchorage at 22:00

It was touch and go in Portland when they informed us that 20 passengers weren’t going to make the flight as they had had to change to a smaller aircraft, but we three held seats so were o.k. – slightly late, but at least on schedule so to speak.

After checking in to our hotel we still had time to do a bit of exploring and took one of the main highways westwards towards Seward, stopping for every pull over or layout.
On the way back to Anchorage we walked the boardwalk at Potter’s marsh.

Cook Inlet

McHugh Falls

Boardwalk at Potter Marsh

Bald eagle nest, but the eagles didn't stay visible long enough
After a leisurely breakfast and having discussed possible routes we chose to go up Alaska 1 – or the Glenn Highway, that is until we looked out or windows and realized that the huge mountain we could see in the distance was Denali and that contrary to all weather apps it was visible and a glorious day: we promptly switched to Plan B and Highway 3 or the Parks Highway. 

Down the road towards Denali

Denali closer
Floater planes

After taking pictures from a distance we then proceeded to take a side trip toward Hatcher Pass Road, knowing that the pass itself would still be closed. Such splendor, we were extremely lucky in our choice in that we even saw a mother moose and her calf near the river. We finally turned around at the Lucky Chance mine and enjoyed the whole thing over again.  By the time we were back in “civilisation” we were starving so had a late lunch at Krazy Moose.

Old Bridge along Hacher pass road

Mother moose, baby hiding in front: I wasn't quick enough!

Looking towards Denali in the distance from Hatcher's Pass

A very friendly and photogenic marmott

As we still had time – and daylight, the sun doesn’t set until 23:38 tonight – we took the Palmer-Wassila Highway and still did a bit of our original plan, driving up the Glenn Highway until we could see the Matanuska Glacier.

Sunny, warm, gorgeous – a day of superlatives.