Monday, June 13, 2016

Family and Friends

The most important people in the world.

Many months ago in one of our regular skype sessions K and I got to talking about her upcoming “big one”. Now to the outside world she is known as my sister-in-law, but within the family she is our sister and as such was going to enjoy the tradition started when I turned 60: the possibility of choosing the weekend getaway or activity.  This was even more important in light of the fact that we didn’t get to do this for my “little” sister.

She had always wanted to take a cruise, my brother less so. I had not been able to take a cruise the year we went to Alaska so that was my first choice – one with which she readily agreed – now to sell it to her husband. Persistence and the fact that Alaska is much more of a “natural” destination with sightings of wildlife and beautiful scenery led him to agree.

Important however to also visit my other sister in California so we all met here for a weekend.  Bless my sister as she organized for us – me in particular – to see some of her best friends and people to whom I have become close over the years. Yesterday was a day of sun (we are in California in June), of friends, of family, of laughter along with a few tears, of remembering, of bonding, of strengthening our spirits.

Today we played tourists and went to “the city”. Brunch with my nephew and his wife and the, to me, grand-nephew dog, outside in the sun, then on to a part of the shore that I had never explored “Shore Point” and the fort built there in 1861. Wisps of fog, a slight breeze, more fun and laughter – family and friends: the best part of one’s life!

Golden Gate Bridge, June 12, 2016