Saturday, May 28, 2016

“Put a Twinkle in your Wrinkle”

How I wish that I had invented that particular phrase, but I had never heard it until a friend sent me an e-mail with that title. What followed was a lovely uplifting series of photos on aging, some of which have made the rounds many times, but precious if only for this new phrase.

It is an expression from “anonymous” unfortunately so I can’t even give credit where credit is due.

We can however all reflect on how to accomplish this.
And there are as many possible ways of achieving it as there are persons growing older.

My twinkles are often from nature:

Meillerie - lunch in a restaurant on the lake front yesterday
sunrise a few weeks ago
Aoste a couple weekends ago
sunrise a few weeks ago

A much photographed lone tree in Corsier

Yvorne, Switzerland

But they can also be from a good meal, a lively conversation, a book, a piece of music and although I love being on my own, many of my twinkles come from sharing time with friends and family.

risotto on the boat in April

Brunch at my older son's a few weeks back

I have always maintained that if one doesn’t want one’s wrinkles to show, one’s face needs to be mobile. Smiling at someone brings their eyes to your eyes with less attention given to the rest of the face. Laugh and they laugh as well, quite often shutting their eyes slightly, which serves quite well to reduce their vision of your wrinkles.

And hey, even if our‘s are noticed– wrinkles are the badges we wear proudly to prove that yes, we are still here, we have survived what life has thrown us and continue to observe, enjoy, take part in and love life!

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