Saturday, November 4, 2017

Splitting hairs or

How retirees have fun.

I have a reputation, not always deserved, of being on time.
In fact some of my local friends swear that one can set one’s clock by my
Arrivals – to the point that once when I was a quarter of an hour late one particular
Friend sent a text message to find out if I was o.k.

Yes, simply stuck in traffic.

Today I had lunch programmed with this particular friend (also those of the
“best hamburgers in the world”!) and the lady of the house requested that “exceptionally” I not come until 12:15 as she had some errands to run and did want to be home and prepared
when I showed up.

To this I replied that we could even make it 12:30 as I was not always that rigid.
Loved her answer: o.k. 12:22:30 it is.

I had to finangle a bit to make that work, but I was ringing the doorbell at 12:22 and some seconds.

This is how we-who-no-longer-work-for-money entertain ourselves.

By-the-way the burgers are still every bit as good as touted in my original blog