Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cleaning, weeding…

Washing and wearing shorts
A rare Sunday at home.

So after a pause of several days (weeks?) today I woke up in my own bed – delightfully breezy weather and sun plus very agreeable temperatures.

This was very motivating and I threw on a pair of sweat pant shorts as not intending to be seen in public at the moment and got busy. First task – start watering which led to pulling some weeds, raking some leaves (a wind a couple of weeks ago shredded the tips of the oak branches and they are now nicely dry and visible) and dead-heading flowers.


Then the hole under the kitchen sink needed sorting and cleaning.


Of course there was wash – when isn’t there?

And having accomplished all that – and since it is Sunday – I will go take a well-deserved break in my lounging chair with a couple of magazines (sadly behind in my reading) and a good book.

Do I regret having had a wonderful trip with my cousins? Do I wish that I hadn’t had the concert in Saanenmöser? Heck no, but in its’ own way this leisurely down-time Sunday is all the more precious because of those events.

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