Sunday, June 18, 2017

Road trip Day 9

My apologies for having not finished my "epic" road trip. When last I left my dear readers hanging - or gliding along the highway in California - my sister and I had started loop 2 of the two-week saga.  Life here at home intervened so a couple of local trips later and I am finally ready to finish off that which happened almost a month ago.

But then, it doesn't much matter, does it, as one road trip is like another and done is done.

So after a lovely more leisurely day (remember the elephant seals, the walks on the boardwalk, the lovely dinner and sunset facing the Pacific Ocean? If not here is the link to a refresher: )
we were on to visit very dear friends: friends who not only helped our little sister throughout her illness, but who were there for us afterwards. Strong ties have been made and although we don’t see each other enough, we are grateful for what we do have.

However before we got there, we had another walk along the board walk in the early sun before breakfast.
Same angle of the sunset the night before

California seals - a mom and a pup soaking up the sun

Footprints in the sand

Driftwood "houses"

Part of the miles-long boardwalk

There are many tame and pesky squirrels!

Another part of the boardwalk
After breakfast we continued down the coast stopping first in the small town of Harmony

An artist's colongy just below Morro Bay

Very interesting cactus


A lovely trinket in the glass-makers shop.

then in one of my personal favorties: Morro Bay

The rock in the morning fog is just barely visible

One of the main attractions here: the otters in the bay

I coud - and sometimes have - spend hours watching.

Staying at their house was bittersweet as I had last been there on another road trip after my nephew married and they are selling and moving closer to their grand children in San Louis Obispo.

Dinner at our favorite local Mexican – also full of memories as this is not only my deceased sister's and my favorite local mexican but also where the family had dinner after her memorial service in 2012.

An evening and the next morning of sharing, exchanging thoughts both silly, day-to-day and profound. I almost got the dog to make friends with me and a big thrill was his licking my hand whilst I ignored him on purpose.

If the quality of one’s life is measured by the caliber of one’s friends, my quality is over 100%! Bless you G & B.