Sunday, May 7, 2017

Epic Road Trip – Day 6

A more leisurely awakening that fine Saturday morning as we were spending two nights at our cousin’s in St.Helena, Napa Valley. My sister’s husband had had too much to do so he came late that morning instead of Fri. night and it was “just” the three of us who walked over to Farmstead and had coffee under the trees before going back to J’s to have cinnamon toast.

The coffee bar is open early

Farmstead, entry to gift shop
As it was not yet too hot she then accompanied us on a walk out to the goats, past the Montessori school and through the vineyards.

One of thousands of pocket vineyards in Napa Valley

The Montessori school there has the kids doing hands on activities

More utensils to work in the field

Lunch time for a kid

Interesting sheep

Early that evening we again wandered over to Farmstead very early as they had been fully booked. Ended up sitting at the bar and having a fun “dinner” with totally gorgeous potatoes and cheddar biscuits. I had a kale salad with chicken.

Interesting, but not comfortable: we chose the bar

Glass line up

When we got back to our cousin’s house she invited another friend over and the three of us enjoyed a good bottle of wine whilst sister K and her husband J drove over to see the goats.

This bottle went down very well.

Company left fairly early and we were all in bed by 22:00. I had one of the best nights so far and slept through a solid 8 hours, then dozed another hour: WONDERFUL.